Jenna Jameson’s Boobs

Jenna Jameson’s Boobs

RRP: £99.99

Our Price: £71.99

It’s true; everyone loves a perfect pear of firm, sculpted, supple breasts. What everyone loves a little bit more is Jenna Jameson’s big perfect round breasts and soft but hard nipples. That’s exactly why this new product is something that you just can’t afford to miss out on. If you’re into boobs, we all have a preference; Jenna Jameson’s Boobs – Perfect Pair is the perfect revolutionary product for you. You won’t ever have to enjoy yourself to another boring porn movie alone again, now you’ll have some great, sexual, amazing breasts to enjoy too.

Life Size, Realistic

The best part about the new product, Jenna Jameson’s Boobs – Perfect Pair, is that they are molded from Jenna’s real life breasts. Every curve contoured to match her perfect body, this pair of porn star knockers are exclusive for you, and made to look and feel as real as possible. With perked pink nipples and soft skin, the breasts are firm and heavy, with just the right amount of movement. Jenna Jameson’s Boobs – Perfect Pair are great for all types of enjoyment, and really give you the feel of Jenna’s petite body in your hands, or wherever else you might enjoy her being. This product really allows your imagination to run wild and gives you control of your favorite Jenna Jameson fantasy.

Easy Material

This easy to use sex toy is made of UR3, which was specially designed to feel as life like to actual skin as possible. The material is not only soft and incredibly supple, but it’s also completely easy to clean and maintain. No sex toy will feel better than Jenna Jameson’s Boobs – Perfect Pair with the realistic skin hugging your member with a little bit of warming lube. This specially designed material was made perfect and strong enough for you to utilize virtually any type of lube you like, and be cleaned and maintained easily without hassle, so you won’t have to spend more time cleaning your sex toy than playing with it.

Fun and Uses

As I’m sure you can imagine, Jenna Jameson’s Boobs – Perfect Pair has a huge variation of uses and fun things to do. You can use it as a third party while you go down on your woman; this will give you the stimulation you need on your shaft while you pleasure your woman. You can use it alone as something to grab onto while you pleasure yourself or watch one of Jenna’s amazing videos. The light weight but firm feel will definitely be something to remember. You could also use it as something to dive into, which is a definite favorite for this product. What do we mean? Simple, later Jenna Jameson’s Boobs – Perfect Pair with your favorite sensitizing lube and get ready for the time of your life as you plunge your stiff member into the perfectly shaped, perfectly weighed down, synthetic breasts. This is sure to be a mind numbing experience that you’ve never felt next to the real thing.