Jamie Lynn Vibrating Doll

Jamie Lynn Vibrating Doll

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Ever fantasized about having sex with a porn star? Many people hide magazines in their ‘safe’ place or watch movies whenever their partner is not looking; they feel embarrassed by the way the people on screen make them feel which is often aroused.

The Penthouse Pet Jamie Lynn vibrating silicone doll will enjoy you acting out your every desire; it is her wish to please you. This love doll is a great, safe way to explore the fantasies and your every desire. You can even introduce her as a part of a threesome into your relationship which is great for adding that little spark.

By using a pleasureskin mouth and a cyberskin pussy this Penthouse Pet Jamie Lynn Vibrating Love doll will make you feel every inch the porn partner. You can go as fast or slow as you want as she is there to do exactly what you want. You can enjoy the control of being in charge and putting your penis in the many holes provided, such as her mouth, pussy and even in her anus. The holes are tight and will give you the type of pleasure you may never have experienced before, she will make you feel empowered and extremely satisfied. She can be used at any time of the day or night so whenever you feel the need just jump on and give her go. She even comes with a vibrating bullet which will heighten the many sensations during penetration. You may also wish to remove her beautiful pussy in order to use it alone for masturbating.

The Penthouse Pet Jamie Lynn Vibrating Love is a great addition to every bedroom, she allows you to feel wanted and you are in control of exactly what you want to do with her. With a free pump to blow her up with you will be dying to get started, there is only a matter of time before you are hooked on the many hours of pleasure that she can provide.

You can buy this gorgeous Jamie Lynn Love Doll for £109.95 which is a bargain compared to the many available on the market. She is an exquisite version of the love doll and due to the fact that it is based on a porn star is the perfect woman for having sex with. The love doll is designed to stimulate you and make you come in ways that you could never have imagined. She has been expertly moulded in order to provide hours on end of pleasure, she is tight and ready for you to have fun with.

Purchase your Penthouse Pet Jamie Lynn Vibrating Love Doll today and be one step closer to receiving this gorgeous doll. She is dying for you to climb on top and thrust deep inside her, or if you want you can unwind and masturbate.