Life Size Japanese Silicone Sex Doll

Life Size Japanese Silicone Sex Doll

RRP: £599.99

Our Price: £499.99

Whether you just want to try something new or want no strings sex then a love honey sex doll holds the key. It is perfect for trying out a threesome without the pressure of having to ask someone that you know to join you as a couple or if you would just like to avoid the strain of having a girlfriend and relax knowing you can have sex any time you want. A love honey sex doll is the most realistic doll on the market as it is made from 100% medical grade Love Clone silicone. She does not just feel like a doll and you will be amazed how realistic her body looks and best of all feels. She will provide you will hours of pleasure and with her ribbed vaginal passage you will be not be able to keep your hands off of her.

The Love Honey sex doll is designed to feel like the real deal and you will not be disappointed, her breasts are soft and move with every thrust that you make which only adds to the excitement. The nipples are also just as realistic and you will dying to tweak and tug; they are all yours for the playing.

You can literally do anything you want with your Love Honey sex doll including anal sex which is perfect for people whose partners are just not up for it. You will be happy to know that Love Honey is up for everything and anything! The Love Honey sex dolls have a very tight anal opening however will be able to accommodate every inch of your penis.

For those that like a little lip service do not worry as her mouth stays firmly closed which is perfect for long lasting and lingering kisses that will get you in the mood. The Love Honey sex doll has every great aspect of a real woman and she will feel so realistic. Her skin is soft and supple, she is flesh coloured and you will not be disappointed with her performance.

Many people would love a Love Honey sex doll but are afraid that their neighbours, family or even the postman may find out what they have ordered. The good news is that the Love Honey sex doll is packaged very discreetly so no one will twig what is inside; it is simply stored in a sturdy brown box so there is no need to worry. Once your Love Honey sex doll has arrived you will be in for a good time with the perfect woman. She can provide endless hours of pleasure and you have the opportunity to try many different things with her that you may not otherwise feel comfortable doing or use her to try a threesome with your partner and let the sparks fly.