Vanessa Virtual Silicone Sex Doll

Vanessa Virtual Silicone Sex Doll

RRP: £199.00

Our Price: £149.00

There is nothing more fun than acting out all your fantasies. Many people are too scared to ask their partner to try something new or need the confidence of learning how to do it before approaching someone. The Vanessa love doll has the most beautifully perfect pert breasts which you are free to touch, including pert nipples for you to tweak and tug as you please.

She also has three perfectly placed ribbed holes which are the mouth, vagina and anus; so much pleasure that you will not know where to start first. Do not worry about going to far with Vanessa, she enjoys being pounded as hard as you like and even has a voice moaning feature which you can turn on to make the experience even more enjoyable. If you prefer silence then turn It off, your wish is her command.

The Vanessa Real Love doll feels incredible; she is soft and feels just like a real woman with its high quality real-skin which is actually a 100% skin-safe so there is no need to worry. For those that like to partake in oral sex do not worry you can do this too due to the fact that she has an open mouth which is just perfect for the ultimate blow job.

Vanessa will look and feel very real, her pussy is realistic and you will not be disappointed. She has a tight arse and will be able to provide excellent penetration. Vanessa is a great investment and can provide you with hours of pleasure that will leave you screaming for more. Turn on the voice activation, on loud speaker or through headphones, if you want her to moan with you; you will not last very long once you ride with it.

Vanessa comes with a suction pump for easy cleaning so she will be spick and span ready for your next sex session. She can go again and again, relieving your stress after a hard day and make you feel great.

Vanessa is a gorgeous looking doll; she has cherry red lips for the sexy siren look and boasts long brown flowing hair. She has flesh coloured skin that you will enjoy stroking and caressing. There is no need to wait around, pay today for immediate dispatch and you will receive her as soon as possible.

Vanessa is exclusive to Bondara and is a bargain at only £149.00, she even comes with free 4 x AAA batteries so there is no need to wait to get started; hours of pleasure is awaiting you. Vanessa is the perfect substitute for a partner and is a great way to enjoy exploring your sexual fantasies. Vanessa never says no and is up for pleasing you any time you like. Do not delay, buy Vanessa today and you will be extremely satisfied with the results.