Virtual Girl Real Silicone Sex Doll

Virtual Girl Real Silicone Sex Doll

RRP: £699.99

Our Price: £599.99

Many people assume it would not provide the optimum about of satisfaction however this is not true, in fact the real virtual sex doll is very realistic and tailored to meet your every need. There is no better way to unwind after a hard day at work, she will ask no questions and be up for having sex with you at any time. Ever dreamed of being with a gorgeous woman? Now you can with the real virtual sex doll as her body is in perfect condition, she is very firm and is happy for you to squeeze her gorgeously soft skin.

The real virtual sex doll has cyberskin which enables you to perform vaginal and anal sex, the sensation is just like the real thing and you will enjoy it every time. She also has the sensuous feature of a deep throat for you to enjoy oral sex and soft, supple rubber lifts which are perfect for kissing.

They always say blondes have more fun and in this case it is very true. The real virtual sex doll has a mane of gorgeous blonde locks, not to mention piercing blue eyes and a beautifully sculpted face that rivals many a model. She is the girl many men would kill to have on their arm and she can be yours over and over again.

You will certainly not be disappointed with the performance of your sex doll as she is truly exquisite. Many more men are now using a sex doll for the ultimate form of pleasure without any pressure so you are not alone. She even has a versatile position so she will be able to help you act out your every fantasy. Ever thought of trying a different position but are too scared to ask a partner? Then why not do it with your sex doll, she is sure to enjoy it and you have plenty of time to get it just right.

The real virtual sex doll is very realistic, sexy and come with a whole host of excellent features including three penetrating holes for you to investigate, a 1fl oz of lubricant for added pleasure and she is life size for the real feel of a woman. You will love your sex doll and be dying to get back to her every night of the week.

Your real virtual sex doll will become an integral part of your sex life, you can introduce her into a relationship to act out your fantasy as a three some or just have fun together for hours on end. She will feel like every inch of a woman and will provide you will the optimum amount of pleasure whether you like anal, oral or just some long lasting kissing. Whatever you want real virtual sex doll will be able to satisfy.