Big Breast Silicone Sex Dolls Cora 100cm

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    The delivery guy is standing at the door and waiting for someone to answer the door. The doorbell has been rung three times, but before the fourth attempt, the door is flung open, and there she was, staring at the man with the most dreamy eyes he’d ever seen. While she wore a white bikini, it seemed like it was struggling to contain her silicon breasts that were simply just waiting to pop out. Cora’s breasts are super large with pink nipples. She has a cute necklace that beautifies and puts emphasis on her neck to the chest region. Standing there, she’s thinking about all the naughty things she would like to do with the delivery guy. Her soft pussy is so tight and fat with a fantastic grip and an extra sensitive clit. When it comes to doggy style, she can arch her back in the most professional manner to give it a remarkable bend and to tilt her pussy up, ready for sex. This blonde lives and breathes love-making, and her entire physical attributes make it come so naturally to her. The delivery guy knows he’s in for the greatest time of his life when she takes off the bikini and signals him to follow her trail upstairs.

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