Lydia 158cm Custom Sex Doll

£2,399.00 £1,099.00

Lydia’s boss has a sexual fantasy, and the only person he sees in his dream is her. He wants to tie her up and fuck her from the back, on top of the desk at the office. What he doesn’t know, however, is that Lydia dreams of the same thing. She’s ready to ride him till he’s exploding his load inside her pussy. It’s almost closing time at work, so Lydia walks into her boss’ office and locks the door. He’s about to enjoy the most dominating sex from the kinky Asian secretary he’s been dreaming about for weeks. She takes off her office clothes to reveal stunning white underwear that provokes all manner of sexual pleasure due to the way it hangs on her every curve. Her beautiful breasts are the perfect cups to fit into his hands, with a sweet and sensitive pink nipple. Her dark and long hair compliments the dark shade of her eyes and will leave you longing to stare into them as you explore every inch of her clits. Lydia’s legs are so long, and as she parts them to reveal her pussy, there’s no way her boss can resist taking her for a ride in his office while the rest of the co-workers are unaware of what is happening inside