Sandra 100cm Long Blonde Hair Heatable Free Delivery Love Sex Doll

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Sandra is staying at her friends for a sleepover. They’ve been planning it for days, and now it’s time for their precious girls night to talk and fantasize about boys. But lying there, in bed, all Sandra can think about is her friend’s dad. She had seen the way he looked at her earlier, and she knew he was already mentally taking off her clothes. The feeling was mutual. She slips out of bed and sneaks into his room and finds him naked in bed. It’s perfect as she is also barely dressed. Her white transparent underwear is all-revealing, and he can see her nipples popping out through them. She knows all the right things to do, and so she takes them off to reveal her juicy and bubbly tits with the perfect set of pink, pointy nipples. How about her ass? They are a thing of beauty, and they complement her wide hips in the sexiest way. Sandra wants to go on her knees to do all sorts of things to him, and he can’t believe he’s about to hit this fantastic beauty who is sleeping over with his daughter. When all is done, Sandra slips back to bed with her friend, and she can’t stop thinking of the intense sex she just had.

Sandra the Long Blonde Hair Heatable Sex Doll.