Solid Sex Doll Full Body Sex Toy Dari 165cm

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The landlord is ready to collect his rent, and he’s fuming because it’s been long overdue. Dari is cash-strapped, and she knows there’s no way she could cover paying the rent at this moment, so she offers what she knows how to do best: to fuck. He cannot believe his luck, Dari is so sophisticated, and he had always wondered what was beneath her classy clothes. Well, the wait was finally over. When she takes off her clothes, she reveals her glorious perky tits, and as you can imagine, they are very soft (despite being firm and stable). White panties are beneath her clothes, and when she takes them off, too, her sweet and pink pussy is put on display. Her skin has the softest feel, and she has flexible joints to enable her to adapt to all kinds of sex positions. Even though she only offered the landlord sex to pay for her rent, Dari is already horny all over from the prospect of a good fuck. She’s always willing and ready to make love whenever she’s got a partner who is equally prepared to finger her and hit her G-spot while she moans in pleasure. The landlord is a lucky man, and now perhaps it’s time to review her tenant agreement plan so she’ll start paying her rent in full through other means. Dari gets to keep her apartment while also enjoying hot, steamy sex with her handsome landlord. Win-win.

Solid Sex Doll