With Metal Skeletal Realistic Sex Doll Imani 145cm

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    This realistic looking stunning stallion is called Imani, and she’s got massive physical features to get every guy dripping with cum. Imani is the ultimate voluptuous milf. Her thighs are incredibly thick, and her bubbly butt will shake uncontrollably when she’s having sex in the doggy style position. There’s more. Just like every thick angel out there, Imani’s pussy is thick, fat, and puffy. What Imani loves more than anything is to be with a lover who can take her to the rounds. She can accept every challenge, and her experience makes her a master in the art of love-making. On her large breasts are long pointy nipples that are simply waiting to be sucked and pulled on while her puffy lips can make any man shudder with pleasure. Imani has long dark and frizzy hair that makes her even more beautiful. If you’re into thick beauties and you want to have hot sex with the most beautiful and exotic of them all, Imani is your girl. She’s aware of her massive features, and she knows she leaves everyone longing and lusting for her body, so be careful with this one; she’s a rare breed and will take you to places you had previously only dreamed of going.

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