Benefits of having sex with a Silicone Sex Doll


Many people are looking for ways to explore their sexual needs and fantasises, they look at magazine and many websites to see what they should be doing or buying. We are often overwhelmed by the variety available, the prices and what we are told that they do. Sex toys can often look a little scary and the thought of using one a little cold. Many of us want the stimulation but miss the feeling of having someone to do it with which is why silicone sex dolls are becoming more popular in recent years.

Sex toys are great; you can masturbate using them however you might feel a little lonely. A sex doll however replicates a real woman and allows you to have intercourse with it. Many sex toys try to replicate the feeling of having sex or are an aid whilst having sex whereas a sex dolls allows you to actually perform it. You can use it many holes for pleasure, including an open mouth for a blow job, a pussy for penetration and the anus for acting out the anal fantasy. No other sex toy offers the same variety and pleasure, especially if you do not have a partner. Many people also often get very bored using just sex toys as once you use them you often do not get the same satisfaction again, whereas a sex doll will provide the same pleasure over and over again.

You can do so much with a sex doll that you will never get bored. You need to pick one that arouses you and makes you feel horny, the good news is there are plenty to pick from. Far from ugly to look at like some other sex toys the silicone sex dolls are very attracted, if you fantasise about making love to a gorgeous blonde or a sumptuous brunette then you can do so. Curly hair, straight hair, big boobs or voice activation can be selected and they all come with a variety of amazing features.

You do not have to give up your sex toys, you can introduce them in conjunction with you silicone sex doll such as a cock ring. Sex toys are fun but using them alone can sometimes not be as satisfying as using them with a partner or your sex dolls, the sex dolls has so many holes to investigate you will not know what to try out first.

A silicone sex doll allows you to build on your confidence and allows you to have sex even if you do not have a partner. They are becoming more popular as they so closely replicate a woman and their many beautiful features such as their breasts. The breasts can jiggle when you thrust and make you feel highly aroused. They may be a little more expensive than the usual sex toys on the market however they are worth every penny as you will gain hours of much need pleasure

“I quit Mastrubation, I’m now having Real Sex with a Realistic sex doll”

~ Sam Smith