The Love Box Vagina

The Love Box Vagina

RRP: £59.99

Our Price: £40.99

Face it, we all have those boring weekends or lonely nights once in a while when we just need to let loose. Whether you’re in a relationship and trying to enjoy some alone time or you’re single and need to let of some steam the Love Box Realistic Vibrating Vagina is the ultimate male sex toy. If you’ve never used anything similar, and are a novice, this hi-tech and life like design is sure to blow your hair back and give you a treat you’ve never experienced. It’s the next best thing to the real thing without the risk of any dirty little secrets, commitment, or drama. If you’re a seasoned veteran of male sex toys and you’re looking for an affordable life like vagina sex toy, then you’re in for a huge treat.

Customise your Fun, Choose your Enjoyment

The Love Box Realistic Vibrating Vagina is a great toy for customisation. The removable vibrating bullet is attached to an easy to use remote so that you control how powerful your pleasure is, and the fact that it’s removable lets you decide if you want the same pulsating feel of a real vagina, or a more subtle approach to your new favourite sex toy.

Real as It gets without being Real

The advanced Micro Skin technology that your Love Box Realistic Vibrating Vagina has to offer is more lifelike than any product on the market. The Micro Skin product itself is made to feel just like real skin, and the Love Box Realistic Vibrating Vagina even comes with anti-bacterial soap and Micro Skin reviving powder so that you can maintain your realistic vagina sex toy’s optimum quality and performance.

Simple, Portable, Easy

The absolute best part of these fun sex toys are that they are powered by two double A batteries that you can keep around the house. While these toys are life size, they’re portable enough to put in a closet without someone noticing or to take with you for travel. Never leave home for long without your sexy little friend. In this day and age there is no reason to sit at home lonely or spend hours at a bar to look for some satisfaction, keep your Love Box Realistic Vibrating Vagina and stop wasting time with hit or miss nights out, and best of all, she’s one hundred percent safe and free to use whenever you want. It doesn’t get better than that!

Last Longer with Practice!

Another reason people love the Love Box Realistic Vibrating Vagina is because it will help you last longer in bed! The more practice you have and the more you experience, the longer you’ll last for the real deal! What more reason do you need then to help out the woman in your life to buy the Love Box Realistic Vibrating Vagina, you can enjoy it and so can she!

Don’t waste time, money, and effort trying to last longer, have a good night, or relieve yourself. Instead, invest in the Love Box Realistic Vibrating Vagina.